Saras & Wayne

Updated: May 23, 2021

Saras and Wayne wedding was the most unique wedding we capture till date.

“The moment when I saw him when he entered wearing ‘Sherwani’. I was mesmerised by his smile and fallen in love with him “AGAIN”. Saras exclaimed with inner happiness.

As we “Vjharsha Photography” loved to capture this romantic couple from Melbourne but decided to get tangled in Udaipur. Wayne was coming on elephant, enjoying the Indian rituals. It was a unique wedding for us as they both decided to get married with a memorable idea. Not following the same traditional way, enlightening the clay lamp together. There was no pandit, but the wedding vows was taken.

Saras and Wayne took the wedding vows themselves by looking in each other eyes, promising each other that they will follow these vows. They both look so graceful together, our cameras were bagged with their pictures.

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