Marriage is one of the most memorable days in your life and let this special day be more exciting and unforgettable . Vijay and Harsha  has the perfect eye for capturing candid moments in an interesting and fresh perspective. Every photograph will be a story in itself and will not let you forget those precious moments for many years to come. They will sneak into the crowd as if they were never there before but  will present unseen and never thought-about moments without disturbing you.

Wedding Photography and Cinematography 

  • Team of 2 Candid Photographers shooting the full events.

  • Deliverables: (Soft copies + 1 coffee Table Book)

  • Charges : 70,000 INR + actuals* 

  • About 400 retouched resolution images uploaded in drive 

  • The coffee table album is a 12 x 15 size premium album with 50 pages

  • The above is for a single day - Maximum 12hours of shooting.

Candid Photography

Cinematic Video

  • Team of 2 Cinematographers shooting the events.

  • Deliverables: (5 - 6 min Creatively shot and Edited wedding highlight + 20 min Complete Wedding Film)

  • Charges : 60,000 INR + actuals* 

  • The above is for a Single day - Maximum 12 hours of shooting

  • Half day Rates Applicable as per schedule 


* Actauls include Air tickets fare, airport transfers, local transport, accommodation and food for the entire team.

*Please note that Charges will be based  on the hourly or session basis. Customize package can be made based on client`s exact requirements.

For other service like Traditional Photography and Video

Please Contact us for the pricing 


Please feel free to get in touch with us to book for a photoshoot or to have discussion about the possible photo-shoot, 

Not included in the packages, but available on requirement:


Couple Shoots

Find a few hours of quiet time and spend it with us… this could be months, days or hours before your wedding.. No posed or cheesy photos here, we’ll try and create a photo essay on the story that makes you a couple.  It could be that special place you met, or that secret spot where you dated…or something that you love doing together.


National and International Assignments:

Travel: We travel all over the world on assignments. Travel costs are as per the lowest / most reasonable fare during the slot needed. All travel charges need to be paid in advance and will be clearly indicated in your wedding package

Stay: We typically stay as a guest of the family. No fancy requirements, but a nice room, a clean loo with some privacy for midnight edits!


Booking your dates and payment terms:

We require 50% of the fee and 100% of the travel cost (if applicable) to finalise the date. This advance is non-refundable because when we commit dates to you, we turn away other enquiries and lose potential business. Balance 50 %payment is expected within 10 days before the assignment and receipt of the final invoice. Unacknowledged delays in the payment without mutual agreement shall attract interest.


Final Images:

A lot of effort goes into creating a wedding story based our two-person approach to wedding photography. On completion of the assignment we will provide you with high and low resolution versions of the shortlisted and processed images from your wedding. We do not provide a full dump of all photographs shot from your wedding. 


Copyright & Usage

We reserve the artist copyright of all images and reserve the right to use a selection to promote our own work on our website, in publications (online & offline) as well as social


Wedding FAQ ?


Everything’s fine but what do you do?

Good question. We are a team of passionate photographers and cinematographers who specialize in artistic and candid wedding photography and cinematography. We have no airs about us and have kept ourselves totally flexible to meet your needs as we feel that you should be happy when you hire us because good pictures come when you are happy, don’t they? So if you are tired of standard monotonous pictures, boring bride and groom shots, standard lighting for everything and yes the same poses in everyone’s albums you saw, then give us a call and we promise that we will get you pictures that you will love to see again and again for years to come

Where are you based? Are you open to travel for my wedding? 

We are based in Mumbai and Udaipur, India. As a photographer, we travel all over India and the world on assignment. Being based in a major metropolis, We enjoy easy connectivity to all parts of South Asia and the world

Sounds interesting but how to go about it? Please also tell me about the overall process.

That’s the easiest part, just browse through our pictures and videos and then click here to contact us and we will take it up from there. Find this all confusing? Never mind, give us a call at 08875005588 and let’s talk.

The process:

  1. You email, call and convey or fill the form and send us your requirements. We work out a proposal and mail it across to you.

  2. You go through the proposal and finalise.

  3. We share a contract with you with all the details and deliverables, timelines and payment terms. You pay the advance and the dates are blocked.

  4. About a month before the wedding, we share a questionnaire with you and start the storyboarding process. We understand your references, your preferences, your functions, your music taste and just about everything about you so that we know what exactly we have to shoot and deliver.

  5. On the day of your shoot, we arrive and carry on the shoot

How much do you charge?

Our rates are totally flexible and depend on your photography requirements. We charge by day basis. However,  just to give you some idea, the rates starting at Rs 70,000 (inclusive of premium photo photo albums) vary according to the number of photographers you need, the kind of work you desire, duration of your event and the number of teams required. The cinematography service charges start at

Rs 60,000.

At any point, it would be best to give us a call and share your questions as the charges cannot be shared upfront here without us knowing your requirements, the duration of the events, number of guests, lights and of course travel if any. We would be glad to help you.

You can call us at 08875005588.

How much advance do I need to pay and how?

When it comes to payment, we are very particular because we feel that it’s our right to get paid when we have worked so hard. No over demands – right?

50% of the confirmed amount is what we charge when you book us. You can pay us using any mode of payment you are comfortable with. Do remember that the booking is confirmed only once we get the money in our account. The remaining 50% is payable on the day of shoot.

Please remember that we will start editing your photos and videos only when we have realised 100% payment. Any delivery timeline given to you will therefore get extended if there is a delay in payment.

Would we be able to get some bride and groom shots?
A series of images with the newly married couple is a great addition to any wedding story. We highly recommend planning around 30 minutes into your day to allow for these type of photographs. Ideally, if your day allows, sunset is the perfect time to create such images as the light is softer. Our goal here is to create natural looking images that don't looked overly posed and contrived but strengthen the story of your wedding day.



When and how will I receive my wedding photos/videos?

Due to technological advancements, DVDs are fast becoming obsolete. Many clients also prefer the entire raw data to be handed over to them post the delivery of edited media. Keeping the technological advancements and the raw data requirement in mind, we have come up with a new policy which is as below Please note that full resolution delivery will not be possible in online/DVD delivery):

  1. You provide us with at least 1 blank hard drives when we arrive for the shoot.

  2. Your entire raw data would be stored in these hard drives along with their backups with us.

  3. The edited material would be stored in these hard drives as well.

  4. Post the edits, all the hard drives would be returned to you in generally within 8 to 12 weeks of your event. However, do check on the timeline given to you in your confirmation email as delivery timelines may vary. (free delivery within Indian territorial limits and delivery charges on actuals outside India). These hard drives would contain all the raw data as well as all the edited media in full resolution. Multiple drives shall ensure backup to safeguard your data from any hardware failure.

  5. Please note that full resolution delivery will not be possible in online.


How many photographs will I get?

We normally provide about 500-800 edited candid photos per day of shoot (these are the carefully selected and edited photographs from the entire raw dump). There is no limit from our side on these numbers. The numbers totally depend on the contents of your function and how much we get to shoot. Just to give you some idea, in some weddings we have even delivered 1200 edited candid images per12 hours of shoot.

What is the duration of the wedding Short film?

We normally provide a wedding film of around 15 – 25 minutes duration. This is the ideal duration of a wedding film however, we can tweak the duration to your requirement so it can be shortened or lengthened as per your wish. As with photographs, there is no limit from our side on these numbers. The numbers totally depend on the contents of your function and how much we get to shoot.

Is there a need for traditional photography and videography?

Well, the answer depends on you. We can never guarantee that all your guests will be covered in our candid images and videos. In these our focus is mainly on the bride and groom and other important family members and friends from both the sides and that is what we believe candid is all about. Years down the line, you would never want to see candid shots of random guests.However, if you feel that the elders in the house would want to see each and every guest, the food and absolutely anything and everything related to the wedding then you should hire traditional photographers and videographers too. Just let us know and we will get them along, of course at an extra charge. Please note that for extensive traditional photography and videography requirements like your wedding reception ( a stage and and extensive posed group shots) you do need a separate traditional team.​


Can we choose the pictures that go into our album?

Yes, depending on the number of pages in your album, you can choose 150 of your favorite      

images. Every album is custom designed to be 100% unique and will include a combination of your  favorite photos and ours. Second Album is charge extra. 


How soon can we see our images and Video?

If you order a wedding album you should allow 6 to 12weeks for the album design and delivery.

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